May our Lord bring peace for all those who believe

Awesome reading in todays verse - Philippians 4

We are not to be concerned or anxious about anything, we are to take our concerns and worries to the Lord and rejoice.  For our Lord is in control of all things and although times may sometimes seem unbearable, run to the arms of our Lord and He will provide peace and comfort which transcends all  understanding.  All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

A great verse to hang on to, during times of disappear.  My prayer is for all those in hardship and full of worry.  My Lord I pray that your hands touch each person that is in need. Bring them comfort and peace, may your loving arms reach out and hold them ever so gently and wipe away each tear. May your Holy Spirit dwell in each of them bringing renewed hope and joy to all.  Amen

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